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Hello there! My name is Steven Woods and I’m a web consultant in Marple, in sunny Stockport. In this website I hope to give you an idea of how I can help you with my simplified way of looking at things. If you have a question burning in your mind already, feel to drop me a line by clicking the button below, or failing that, please read on.

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The Importance of the Web

I know that you know the web is important, you wouldn’t be on my website otherwise. However, I think we need to be clear before we carry on just how important it is.

The web was important 20 years ago because it was the new thing and everyone “had” to have a website – it was the future. If we go back 10 years, pretty much everything was brought to businesses through Search Engine Optimisation and Google Adwords, whilst this thing called “social media” was rearing it’s ugly head above the parapet to potentially challenge Search Engine dominance.

In 2017 the internet is everywhere. We are obsessed with it. We bank on the internet, we buy most of our things on the internet, we talk to one another through the internet, we get our advice off the internet – without the internet we would be lost – literally!

And yet the internet is evolving at it’s most rapid rate to date. The technology is shifting with voice recognition, personalisation and social trends moving more towards a chatting society – if you are not looking at your web presence, you are standing still. And as we all know, there is no such thing as standing still in business.

Why do you need a web consultant?

The main benefits of web consultancy services.

One of my clients used to turn to his web designer for everything web related. Put yourself in the position of the web designer for a second. He makes his money from designing websites. What real interest has he got in spending time and effort on helping you with your Google ranking or Facebook account? This is no slight on web designers by the way, it’s just a simple economic truth.

With my services, I am not just a web designer, or an SEO expert, or a social media “guru” – I am a business-minded individual who understands how these tools can be applied to help a business grow. This is the role of a consultant. To advise, to guide, to act, to assist, to make sure you are getting the results you want and need, as well as helping you understand why you aren’t.

Also, please understand this, our work is never done. My services are ongoing and funded by success – by that I mean, if I am not successful, you won’t keep paying me. That is why I am focused on keeping you ahead of the curve – not on it. And it’s all pretty simple you know – everything comes down to us sticking to 3 core principles of marketing. As long as we work to these 3 things, we will always be moving forward.

3 Principles of Marketing


Great Content

What is Great Content? Well, not only does it look great, but it brings should look to bring results. Having the right tone, visual appeal, context and user-friendliness is the only way content can become great content. Without any of these it is merely content.

Content Placement

Great content is one thing – and you could have the best content there has ever been, but I am telling you something for nothing, unless people see your content, and by that I mean the right people – then your great content is just content.

Performance Analysis

Ok, so we have great content and we know that the right people are well placed to see it, unless we know how that content is performing and what improvements (if any) are required, we are left with just content and complete waste of time.

Who I Am and What My Clients Say

Steven Woods

Steven Woods

The Human

My work in internet sales and marketing began in 2001, working at companies such as eSure, Lloyds Bank and in 2007 I joined one of the best and largest SEO Consultancies in the UK. When the opportunity arose to go solo, I became a web consultant in 2012 and have helped hundreds of clients since.

I live in Marple with my partner and young son (hence the late nights!) and I am also the bass-player for the band Purple Heart Parade. In my spare time – what’s left – I follow a football team. The colours on this website are a clue as to who!

My business has gone from strength to strength since Steve has been involved with my business. He restructured my website and improved the SEO and due to this I now rank very high on Google page 1. Steve is also very knowledgeable about marketing and working out strategies to get your business noticed. Take my word for it… It’s a no brainier and it will be the best business decision you’ll make.

David O'Neill

Owner, Out and About Carpets

I’ve worked with Ste since 2013 and have all our websites with him. In all honesty, there are other companies who approach me on a regular basis, but I wouldn’t move away from Ste.

Billy Hinchliff

Owner, GCLS

How I Can Help You.

website design in Marple

Website Design

A website can be a fantastic central hub for all your marketing activity. My website design services focus on creating the website that will be the most effective for you.

web marketing in Marple

Web Marketing

With my web marketing services, it is important you understand what your objectives actually are, what your options are, and how to execute them to get results.

Graphic Design Services

Graphic Design

Working in collaboration with a team of proven, supremely-talented graphic designers, I want to provide you with the very best visual marketing possible for your business.

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