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More Than Your Average Web Consultant in Marple! 

Hello there! My name is Steven Woods and I’m a web consultant in Marple, in sunny Stockport. I am from North Manchester originally, but when people told me that Marple was renowned for lots of traffic, I couldn’t wait to get here. I think I misunderstood what they meant!

Still, the people (and businesses) of Marple are a friendly bunch and so I am delighted to be here, offering help and support to excellent people doing excellent things. Now here’s a bit more about how I can help you.


On-hand to give you the things you need, as you need them.

The fact is that every business is different – but one thing we should all agree on is that the web is important in business. Billions of pounds are spent each year through businesses who are utilising the web to further their gains. As a web consultant, my job is to make sure my clients are getting the most out of the web , treating the internet as a series of tools to market their business.

How I Can Help You.

website design in Marple

Website Design

A website can be a fantastic central hub for all your marketing activity. My website design services focus on creating the website that will be the most effective for you.
web marketing in Marple

Web Marketing

With my web marketing services, it is important you understand what your objectives actually are, what your options are, and how to execute them to get results.
Graphic Design Services

Graphic Design

Working in collaboration with a team of proven, supremely-talented graphic designers, I want to provide you with the very best visual marketing possible for your business.

Why do you need a web consultant?

What you can hope to achieve through working with me.

Being honest, there must be hundreds of web consultants out there offering similar things that I do. So how do I set myself apart. Well, I like to do 3 things to make sure my clients and I understand one another.



I’ll be honest, I have no interest in trying to blind you with science. You are busy people with businesses to run, so I will keep to the point and tell you how it is. I don’t mince my words neither!


There’s not been one thing I have ever told a customer that a). I wouldn’t do myself or b). believe to be true. If I thought clients could no longer trust me, I would walk away from my business.


Well derr! Of course you want results! My job is to work with you, to understand your business, your journey, and then find the people on the web who will bring business to your door time and again.

Who I Am and What My Clients Say

Steven Woods

Steven Woods

The Human

My work in internet sales and marketing began in 2001, working at companies such as eSure, Lloyds Bank and in 2007 I joined one of the best and largest SEO Consultancies in the UK. When the opportunity arose to go solo, I became a web consultant in 2012 and have helped hundreds of clients since.

From clients turning over millions of pounds, to one-man-bands happy to make a decent living from the things they enjoy, I can work with you.

I live in Marple with my partner and young son (hence the late nights!) and I am also the bass-player for the band Purple Heart Parade. In my spare time – what’s left – I follow a football team. The colours on this website are a clue as to who!

I’ve worked with Ste since 2013 and have all our websites with him. In all honesty, there are other companies who approach me on a regular basis, but I wouldn’t move away from Ste. Billy Hinchliff

Owner, GCLS

Looking for help? Drop me a line.

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